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I had the opportunity to serve concurrently as the de facto deputy for both Jeff Lower and Jay Arnold, and they were responsible for my steep learning curve the first two years after my transition from the Marine Corps to the corporate world.  Jeff’s and Jay’s expert knowledge in operations and business development will make 3K3 the go-to consulting firm when you need help with your business, whether in the geospatial realm or otherwise.  Their creativity, resourcefulness, experience, and relentless pursuit of excellence make them powerful allies and a pleasure to work with.  I believe that any small or medium business poised for growth should consider hiring 3K3- you will see positive bottom-line impact quickly and continuously.

Joseph Paschall, PgMP, PMP

Senoir Program manager

3K3, LLC is a strong company because of who they are and what they do so well.  Jay Arnold is the quintessential business developer.  His quick wit and sense of humor allow Jay to give solutions to difficult and highly complex situations, while making everyone feel at ease.   Jeff Lower, whom I also had the privilege of working with at 3001, is an operational expert.  His breadth of knowledge and experience in his field is outstanding.   Charlie Pecchio’s track record of structuring deals and putting procedures in place is unparalleled.  He knows exactly how to take a company, grow it and organize a buyout -  all the while making sure it is a win-win for all players concerned.  I know of no other firm of this size with the comprehensive business know-how of 3K3.  They offer winning solutions which would help any company thrive and prosper in a highly productive and customer-service oriented fashion.

Arnold Machtinger, P.E.
President, ANM and Associates, Ltd.

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