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About Us

3K3, LLC was founded in 2010 by Jeff Lower and Jay Arnold, after they enjoyed a 16-year career together at 3001, Inc. which was merged into Northrop Grumman.  Jeff Lower focused on business operations and Jay Arnold focused on business development for local, state, and federal clients.

 Jay Arnold   Jeff Lower 
Managing Partner    Managing Partner 

Prior to 3K3, Jeff was the Vice President of Civil Works at 3001, Inc., which merged with Northrop Grumman in 2008. In his 15 year career at 3001/Northrop Grumman, he managed programs and a division that performed surveying, mapping and Enterprise GIS development for federal, local, state and commercial clients.  For the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, he managed comprehensive mapping and Enterprise GIS programs for the lower Mississippi River, and directed the first Inland Electronic Navigational Chart (IENC) program.  Jeff also directed programs for the USGS, NAVFAC, and the USDA.  He received a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degree in Geography from the University of Florida.  At the beginning of his career at 3001, Jeff was also an adjunct faculty member at the University of Florida, teaching courses in GIS and advanced cartography.  He is a licensed photogrammetric surveyor in Oregon, and Virginia.  For fun, he enjoys hiking, biking and other outdoor activities, and also brewing beer.

Prior to 3K3, Jay was a key member of the management team at VFM and 3001 throughout its growth and merger into Northrop Grumman.  This was a 16-year career where he held management positions on a team that grew and re-invented the company.  As Vice President of GIS Services, he helped pioneer methods for migrating surveying and engineering products into ESRI, Intergraph, and other geospatial formats.  In addition, he founded and operated a computer hardware and software sales firm and a general aviation aircraft operations business.  He also co-founded a securities investment club, as well as an LLC for rural real-estate management.  Jay received his Master of Science degree in Geography from Louisiana State University after completing two Bachelor of Arts degrees in Geography and Journalism at LSU, Magna Cum Laude.  He has 20 years experience in surveying, mapping, photogrammetry, Information Technology, and GIS.  He is past Vice President of ASPRS, Florida Chapter; a licensed photogrammetric surveyor in South Carolina, Oregon, and Virginia; an FAA instrument-rated pilot with over 2,000 flying hours; and an Eagle Scout.  In his free time, Mr. Arnold enjoys hunting, fishing, biking, art, and music.























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